For protection or repair. With LesaStrip, the results are longlasting, smooth floor joints.


  • NO MORE bumps and wobbles with lift trucks.
  • NO MORE concrete chips and dust.
  • NO MORE unsightly, unhygienic, even dangerous joints across your modern factory or warehouse, supermarket or shopping centre.

Sure, it will cost a little more. Quality always does. LesaStrip - there is no other effective protection for floor joints.

Lesastrip is an epoxy nosing system for repairing damaged floor joints which are unsightly, costly and often dangerous. It is available in a range of sizes, and can be used to rebuild from mildly damaged to badly spalled joints.

Lesastrip has become an industry standard for permanent edge protection at shrinkage control joints and construction joints in concrete floor slabs. Lesa Systems Ltd has a range of products for use in the construction and protection of floor joints in industrial and retail buildings.

  • LESASTRIP™ RED plus LESASTRIP GREEN for new floor construction
  • LESASTRIP™ S2 FOR HYGIENIC SEALANT provision for floors in food or similar industries
  • SPECIAL TOPPINGS joint protection
  • REPAIR CAPABILITY to damaged joints in existing floor slabs


Lesastrip™ Red SC20 (red tips)

Lesastrip™ Green CF30 (green tips)

Lesastrip™ Red and LesastripTMGreen are for installation in new floor slabs.

The hard nosings to the concrete, formed on each edge of the joint by the Lesacrete™ epoxy resin grout, provide permanent protection to concrete edges, preventing the deterioration at the floor joints which has troubled engineers and manufacturers and other building users for many years.

Use Lesastrip™ Red in sawn joints and Lesastrip™ Green in construction joints.




Where health regulations require floors to be fully sealed to provide a continuous surface unable to harbour harmful organisms, a Lesacrete™ joint can be provided with a rebate to take a flexible sealant.

By using a plastic pullout (Lesastrip™ S2) with LesastripTMGreen, a slot is created in the floor into which a flexible sealant can be applied.

Because it acts only as a sealant, there is no need for the sealant to provide the conflicting characteristics of being firm enough to support the edge while being soft enough to be flexible; edge protection is provided by the Lesacrete™ corbels.




Lesacrete™ is available in white for terrazzo and similar toppings, as well as the standard grey for plain concrete floors.

White Lesacrete used with terrazzo in shopping centres and supermarkets creates a floor with joints which are durable but barely visible.

The Lesa system is excellent in joints under acrylic-based and epoxy resin coatings and toppings. The joint edge protection provided by Lesastrip™ eliminates a major source of deterioration of these floor membranes.




The Lesa System is ideal for repairing damaged joints in existing floors. A deeper saw cut than for new floor installation may be required, and Lesastrip Green is used.

In deep cuts the Lesastrip E can be used to increase the effective height of the strip (for low quality concrete.)

For extra wide damaged joints, the large Lesastrip A section (75 mm deep) can be used.

When completed, the repaired edges will provide a service capability better than the original joints. While the Lesa System cannot overcome any shortcoming in the original concrete, the installation of Lesa Joint Edge Protection will generally restore fully the serviceability of the slab and extend its useful life for many years.