MM-80 is a two-component, 100% solids content epoxy joint filler. When cured, MM-80 is a grey, semirigid (hard but slightly resilient) filler with a Shore hardness of A90-95.

MM-80 is available in two versions: original MM-80 in a 5:1 mix ratio for manual dispensing and MM-80 P for pump), with a 1:1 mix ratio  for dual-component pumps.

Both MM-80 and MM-80P are available in silicone-free formulations for use in automotive/paint facilities.

MM-80 was developed to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard wheeled material handling traffic and heavy loads. Its primary function is to support such traffic and protect joint edges. MM-80 is designed for use in areas where final temperatures are from 10˚C to +49˚C. It is also ideal for joint and crack repair.



Standard colour is medium grey. MM-80 can be custom coloured. MM-80 is available in a 38L kit.



  • MM-80’s superior formulation yields sufficient rigidity to support loads crossing joints, protecting edges from spalling, and sufficient resiliency to prevent brittleness throughout the floor’s life.
  • MM-80 is also available in a silicone free version for use in paint and automobile facilities. Please contact us for more details.
  • MM-80’s relative hardness has been gradually increased through the years to reflect increasing demands on floors created by heavier loads and smaller, harder vehicle wheels.
  • MM-80 is the joint filler upon which ACI and PCA standards are based. You can specify and use MM-80 with the confidence that comes from a project-proven track record of more than forty-five years, and with the knowledge that you are relying on the best floor joint protection available in the industry.