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Our steel fibres have been developed from experience for the best performance in building resistance to cracking, easiest mixing and placing with the highest fibre count and dispersion in the matrix which research and experience have confirmed as the key to improved slab performance.

Our Steel fibres are manufactured using a method known as "Slit Sheet" processing giving the product a rectangular cross-section. Our steel fibres are manufactured under a quality plan certified to ISO 9001 standards and ASTM A820-90 type II.


Produced from low carbon steel and various grades of stainless steel, our steel fibres are available in lengths from 13mm to 50mm. The fibres are available in straight, wavy, continuously deformed or end-deformed versions.


CAR19STR (carbon 19mm straight) L = 19mm, T = 0.25mm, W = 0.51mm approx 
equivalent diameter = 0.42mm, aspect ratio = 45
CAR25CDM (carbon 25mm wavy) L = 25mm, T = 0.32mm, W = 0.76mm approx 
equivalent diameter = 0.55mm, aspect ratio = 45
CAR50CDH (carbon 50mm deformed)

L = 50mm, T = 0.51mm, W = 1.52mm approx
equivalent diameter = 1.00mm, aspect ratio = 51


As a rule of thumb, small fibres tend to be used where control of crack propagation is he most Important design consideration. High fibre count (number of fibres per kg) permits finer distribution of steel fibre reinforcement throughout the matrix ? and consequently, greater crack control during drying process.


On the other hand, because they exhibit better matrix anchorage at high deformations and large crack widths, longer, heavily deformed fibres afford better post crack "strength." However, unlike shorter fibres, the dramatically reduced fibre count of longer product yields correspondingly less control of initial crack propagation.


Steel Fibre CAR25CDM fibre gives the best compromise between high fibre count and optimal post-crack performance. This makes It Ideal for Industrial ground floor slabs, highway pavements, precast panels, security applications, shotcrete and other applications. Steel Fibre CAR25CDM fibre also handles and finishes easily.


Thousands of square meters are laid In New Zealand without a fibre showing. Steel Fibres doesn't have the rusting propensity of continuous steel.


By avoiding mesh, supports and underlayment and being able to back on foundation to discharge, pumping and more expensive crackprone concrete is avoided and savings are made.


Slabs are only as good as the foundation, the sure test for sufficient sub-base compaction is ability to support concrete trucks! Slabs sizing can be extended with Steel Fibres.