Armor-Hard Extreme is a two-component, 100% solids, epoxy system designed for ambient to cool temperature applications. Armor-Hard Extreme was developed specifically for the repair of industrial concrete floors subject to hard-wheeled traffic.

Armor-Hard is available in two primary versions:

Armor-Hard Extreme Liquid or Kit - Quick-set properties, multiple temperature applications.

Armor-Hard Liquid or Kit - Early-set properties (faster than standard structural epoxies, slower than Extreme), use limited to temperatures of 10˚C +.



Armor-Hard Extreme is packaged in two forms;

  • Epoxy liquid colour is a translucent/clear. If blended with aggregate mortar color will become aggregate color. Standard 
    aggregate color for kits is Dovetail Gray. Optional aggregate colours in kits are Standard Gray, Natural (light tan/brown in 
    colour), and Porpoise.
  • Armor-Hard Extreme Liquid: 3.8L composed of two cans of pre-measured epoxy liquid (A & B=3.8L); 114L kit, composed of 6 pails of epoxy liquid (95L Part A, 19L Part B).
  • Armor-Hard Extreme Kit: Pre-ratioed kit containing 4.7L of Armor-Hard aggregate and just over 4.7L of Armor-Hard Extreme liquid. When combined, kit has a net yield of approximately 4.9L epoxy mortar, or approximately 4.9 cubic mm.  



  • Quick set allows for foot traffic in 1 hour and normal traffic in 2 hours
  • Superior wear and impact resistance
  • Wider application range than most structural epoxies, from +49˚C down to -7˚C
  • Low odour; 100% solids
  • USDA/FDA/LEED acceptable