Pentra-Sil (244+) is advanced lithium chemistry for concrete. This formula was originally designed for bridge decks, parking garages and other exterior concrete and masonry substrates that are subject to damage from de-icing salts and freeze thaw damage.

Pentra-Sil (244+) combines the benefits of lithium silicate densification with reactive silicone chemistry to meet the NCHRP 244 standard for chloride protection of concrete in a single application. It also protects and enhances the appearance of interior and exterior decorative concrete and polished concrete. When sprayed on new or existing concrete, it penetrates where it reacts with free calcium to form insoluble calcium silica hydrate, which makes concrete more water, stain and abrasion resistant for easier maintenance and longer life. It also enhances the colour of decorative concrete in commercial and retail applications.




  • Protects against salt and freeze/thaw damage
  • Assist in sealing and cure of fresh concrete
  • Penetrates deep into the concrete to sealing concrete
  • Protects against moisture and water from within and on top of the concrete
  • Easy to use, low odor, no rinsing required
  • Not susceptible to UV damage
  • Prolongs finish of polished surfaces



  • Bridge Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Sidewalks
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Shipping Terminals
  • Office Buildings
  • Vet Clinics
  • Kitchens
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • and many many more



Steel troweled finish - 1 litre per 12 to 18m2, coverage rate will vary with concrete finish and porosity; broom finished concrete will require more material.