Edge-Pro 80 is a two-part, 100% solids, rapid-setting polyurea polymer liquid system. When cured, Edge-Pro 80 is a rubberlike solid with a hardness of Shore A 80-81. Edge-Pro 80 was developed to fill and protect joints in exposed concrete retail floors and in moderate-duty warehouse concrete floors. Its primary function is to protect joint edges from spalling under material handling vehicle traffic. Edge-Pro 80 is intended for use where final operating temperatures are from -29°C to +49°C. Edge-Pro 80 is also ideal for filling random cracks in exposed concrete retail floors and in moderate-duty warehouse concrete floors.



Edge-Pro 80 is available in a neutral colour which can be mixed with colour packs to create 13 Popular Colours commonly used in retail exposed concrete floors. Available in 38L kits (7.6-19L) and 600 ML (300:300) dual cartridge kits.



  • Edge-Pro 80’s revolutionary new chemistry provides for superior substrate adhesion, moisture tolerance and a flusher finished profile compared to similar polyurea joint fillers.
  • Edge-Pro 80 Finishes Flusher with the Floor Surface Edge-Pro 80’s chemistry permits for a wide shave window (15min. to 24hrs.) in which the installer can razor off overfill and achieve a consistently flush profile with floor surface.
  • Edge-Pro 80 is Moisture Tolerant
  • Edge-Pro 80 will not react with moisture and its special adhesion enhancers permit adhesion to damp substrates with minimal compromise as compared to dry substrates.
  • Edge-Pro 80 is Colourfast
  • Edge-Pro 80 maintains a consistent colour profile and resists fading or discolouration under normal conditions.
  • Edge-Pro 80 is Ideal for Use in Stained/Polished Concrete Floors Edge-Pro 80 can be ground and polished as early as 30 minutes (wet) and 3 to 4 hours (dry).