The Square Dowel System has an extensive history throughout Australasia and consists of two parts. The first being high quality, high density plastic square dowel sleeve. The second being a high quality plastic reusable nail on base plate.

The square Dowel System enables square dowels to be cast into new slabs without having to penetrate formwork, thus eliminating damage to the forms. This design also increases the accuracy of the dowel alignment.


This is achieved by the sleeve generating a precise void in the concrete into which the dowel can be inserted at the optimum time of construction. The square sleeve can also be used in Dowel Ladders, Dowel Baskets or between existing to new slabs.


The Square Sleeves are designed to allow lateral movement of the dowel joint as the concrete cures and shrinkage occurs. The sleeve is designed with an additional 5 mm void which provides lateral movement.


The construction of the sleeve is such that it ensures once the dowel is inserted into the sleeve an effective seal is formed around the dowel to prevent concrete slurry penetrating into the 5 mm void, and reducing lateral movement capacity.

NOTE: This is an important issue that is often over looked when onsite fabrication of dowel sleeves using over sized conduit is used or with sleeves without seats.