Mitigation of Construction Risk - The Importance of a Single Source Partner

At Lesa Systems Ltd, we help engineers, designers, developers and contractors to mitigate against any risk in their concrete construction project.

Crucial in achieving this is aligning your business with a single source partner. One that is trusted, reputable, and has extensive experience with concrete and the construction process across all types of projects, as well as having extensive knowledge of the inevitable issues encountered with poorly designed and constructed slabs on grade.



Some of the many benefits of having Lesa Systems as a single source supplier:

  • Design assistance: Involvement in the design and documentation from the very beginning of the project - before the working drawings are commenced (EDI).
  • Experience: Benefit from a highly experienced team with extensive and specialised skills in all aspects of design, construction and performance of slabs on grade across all types of projects.
  • Timely advice: Access to the right information at the right time.
  • Specialised knowledge: Utilise the team's industry experience in load transfer systems (dowels), appropriate to the project and other aspects of construction including vapour barriers, control joint locations, edge protection, joint filling, curing, densification etc.
  • High-level technical support: Gain access to expert consultants, when required, for geotechnical considerations, design loads, minimum slab thickness etc.
  • Certification: Provision of producer statements for the slabs (PS1, PS2 and PS4).
  • Responsibility: Accountability for all aspects of the slab performance.
  • Commitment: Work with a company/supplier that understands what clients want and what they expect with their slab on grade floor (not just a product supplier).


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