The LESA ZIG-ZAG CURVE offers greater fatigue resistance

The LESA ZIG ZAG CURVE Three - way Curve Design ensures an impact free transition across the joint in any direction , it leveraged and breaks up the impact by distributing the dynamic loads as the material handling equipment (MHE) transverse the joint . therefor protecting both the joint and the meterial handling equipment .

Zig Zag Curve joints are heavy duty , robust and are engineered to outlast your floor.

Future proof your build and choose LESA ZIG ZAG CURVE joints for maximum durability.

Depending on dynamic/static loadings Zig zag Curve joints can be designed with 6,10 or 15mm top plates and with our inhouse dowel spacing program we can design shear dowel type and spacing for different slab thicknesses.

Zig Zag Curve joints are available in standard lengths up to 3.0 metres.

The system is available in Black steel , Galvanised and Stainless steel.

Zig Zag Curve joints are available in nail on that can be used with conventional timber boxing or freestanding models that incorporate unique installation feet that can be fixed to site concrete or the building platform.


Features and Benefits

. Can be made to any length up to 3.0 metres long

. Quick & easy installation

. Multiple top plate thicknesses to suit dynamic/ static loadings

. Future-proof the build as the joint can be approached and transverse in any direction

. Faster material handling equipment (MHE) speeds

. Improved MHE operator comfort & safety

. Allows for joint openings up to 20mm wide with continuous plate for a low profile joint

. can allow for joint openings up to 40mm wide without continuous plate

. Custom made to suit any slab depth


Industrial flooring such as warehouses and logistics projects with a heavy transfer load rate