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Crack-A-Joint is a pre-formed metal crack inducer that is inserted into the surface of wet concrete (after screeding) to induce a crack below, an alternative to the traditional sawcut.

LESA CRACK-A-JOINT METAL CRACK INDUCER Concrete is grey and it cracks. Most of us are familiar with this age old cliché, however, smart people know that pre-determining where cracks and movement should appear is the correct way to deal with early shrinkage, and the potential of random cracks, rather than just leaving it and letting the concrete make up its own mind where to crack.

With adverse weather conditions still around New Zealand the possibility of early shrinkage cracking is high. With hot and windy conditions it is often difficult or impracticable to ensure saw cutting is completed in a timely fashion, thus leading to unsightly cracks that are deemed as failures by customers.