Eliminate stripping and deliver a superior floor finish

The innovative LESA Column Isolation Form was developed to optimise programme flexibility, minimise forming time, eliminate stripping and deliver a superior floor finish. It is a robust galvanised steel leave-in-place profile manufactured to any shape including square, half-square, round and half-round.

Supplied with fixing brackets to panels and height adjustable brackets that fix to the top of column foundations. The form is left in place, so no stripping is required.

Many types of building i.e. distribution centres, manufacturing facilities, warehouse and retail buildings are constructed with vertical structural steel column supports that carry the load of the structure, roof and other building components. When constructing these buildings concrete foundations are generally poured at pre-determined locations through the length and width of the building. These foundations support the columns and column loads and are usually connected by the way of anchor bolts that are cast into the foundation on which the column is supported. The main slab on grade is prepared and poured after the structure and the roof is in place but sometimes the slab is poured first.